Wednesday, February 6, 2013


EN 101

I communicate with people in many more ways then I believed. When I first think of communication, I think only of speaking to someone face-to-face and through texting. But through this iExamen I have learned that there are many more forms of communication then I thought. You can communicate with people through clothing, make-up and body language. I never realized how common these forms of communication are. This Wednesday as I walked to my classes I realized how much I and other people communicate through these alternative forms. Through these forms we communicate to people what we want them to preserve about ourselves. For example, on Wednesday I wore what I consider nicer clothes – jeans, moccasins, a black sweater, a colorful scarf and a green vest. I did so not just because I like wearing these types of clothes but also because I wanted to communicate to people that I care about how I present myself and take care in my looks. Moreover, everyday I wear make-up for these same reasons. By doing both of these actions I am communicating to people specific things I want them to “listen” too.
Through technology people are able to say different things then they would be able to in face-to-face communication. By not being able to see the person, one is able to say something that they would not be normally comfortably enough to communicate. I am one of those people. I am not very good at face-to-face communication, yet through technology I am able to communicate more freely with both friends and family. Although you are not able to relate as personally with communication through technology there are many advantages to it. One of these advantages that I am grateful for is the ability to communicate with people who are long distances away. Because of this I can talk to my parents, who live in Boston, my sister, who lives in Ohio, and my friends, who live all over North America.
I came into this iExamen dreading the hour I would have to go without technology. My life – socially and educationally – relies greatly on my usage of technology.  At first when I turned my computer and phone off I was very anxious and tempted to turn them both back on immediately. At the beginning I was anxious because I felt that I was missing out on something happening, since the way I communicate with majority of my friends is through texting and calling. But, while I was talking with two of my friends I was able to better concentrate on the conversation. I also found this later when I was doing reading for this class; I was able to complete the homework much quicker than I had previously been able to do so.
From this I Examen I have learned a great deal about how I communicate. I have realized how distracted I am when I am trying to communicate with people and also have my phone or computer with me. I also learned that semiconsciously I communicate with people through my clothing and body language. Lastly, I have come to the realization that technology will always play a large role in my communication, but that face-to-face communication is just as important, if not more. 

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