Wednesday, March 13, 2013

iExamen 2

EN 101

iExamen 2

Fulfilling the requirements for this assignment was surprisingly harder to follow then I previously thought. It was difficult to make sure that everything I said was true but also kind at the same time. I came to the realization that because I lie to please everyone and because I avoid confrontation whenever possible telling only the truth was especially difficult for me to do. Yet, these reasons also mean that telling only what is kind was especially easy. I would like to believe that the way I communicate helps me have stronger relationships with family and friends. Yet, sometimes I believe it actually hinders my relationship with people because I do not and feel that I cannot always say what I want to.
One example of my inability to always say what I want too occurred one afternoon when my mother got her haircut. Right after she asked me my opinion on her new shorter hairstyle. Personally I liked her old hairstyle better but by telling her that would not have been very smart for me – I still had a couple days left at home. I felt that having to tell her the truth put me in an very difficult situation, because of this assignment I had to tell the truth but by telling my mom the truth would not have been very kind. Luckily my sister, Rebecca, was there to answer for me and I just commented on how I liked my mom’s outfit.
Besides this moment my communication throughout the day was not very different then it normally would be. I feel that throughout my life I have used white lies a lot to get around telling someone something that would hurt them if they knew. I believe that I have learned this technique of communication not just from my parents and older sister but also from television and movies. This evening I saw many examples of white lying in an episode of New Girl. One of the characters Jess does not like her best friend’s, CiCi, model friends. Instead of telling CiCi this, Jess goes along with the flow and throughout the episode tells CiCi many white lies. Personally I do not seeing anything wrong in telling white lies majority of the time; it means you are not always completely honest but you are being kind and respectful of the persons feelings. To me hurting someone’s feelings is worse then telling the whole truth.
From this iExamen I have come to understand that in some cases telling the truth is absolutely necessary and the right choice, but also that sometimes telling white lies in other situations is just as correct. 

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