Thursday, February 7, 2013

For the love of conversation

Monday, February 4th, 2013, I tried to observe the way in which I communicate with everyone around me. From the moment I woke up, groaning alongside my roommate as we both woke up for our first classes of the day, until the moment we went to sleep, discussing the events of our day and the next. Since I was a child, I have always been a gabby person. I love to talk, I love language and communication. I’ve been a social butterfly as long as I can remember, and my mother and father will certainly attest to that. Being given the chance to closely take notice of all the ways in which I communicate in a single day was quite incredible.
I converse with my roommate, Kat, while getting ready in the morning, and then when our good friends Charmaine and Nasarah walk to class with us Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, we all talk, gossip and complain about classes. Then as I headed into my first class Monday I greeted my professor and friends within my class. During my first two classes of the day I raised my hand a few times, answers question when I could and asking questions when I was in need of clarification. What is unique about my second class however, is that I communication in Spanish, although most times it turns into “spanglish,” as I am not that strong in Spanish just yet. During  my two hour break between classes I shared surface conversations with friends in passing and Loyola staff as I ordered my lunch. Countless “hey’s” and “how are you’s” are always exchanged on my walk to and from my dorm. From there I usually check my facebook, twitter, instagrams and text messages. I am engulfed in the world of social media, conversing with friends and family all around the world. I often skype with my sister, who is abroad in London, during this break, and on occasion I will give my mom a phone call when she is on her lunch break. I was able to learn about my sisters trip to se “Singing in the Rain” over the weekend. Being able to see her face as she described the show was so much better than simply hearing her voice. I also do a little homework during that time, and eat with Kat when she returns from her class. We usually discuss our days thus far and our plans for the rest of the evening. Monday, we were pre-recording our radio show that we co-host on WLOY. We carefully planned the rest of our day and then went on our way to our last classes.
Following my last class on Monday I went to my dorm room to change and prepare for an interview. I presented myself in a professional outfit to portray my seriousness about gaining the position for which I applied. I interviewed with two people in hopes of becoming a Multi-cultural Awareness Program (MAP) Navigator for the MAP pre-fall orientation. Although I knew both of my interviewers well, there is still always this nervousness that can cause you to fumble your words during an interview. You have to chose your words wisely and form your answers swiftly. Fortunately, a few laughs were shared across the interview table and I feel like I presented myself in the best light possible, being confident with my performance. Immediately following my interview I went with Kat to the WLOY station to pre-record our show for the following morning. We spoke and played music for two hours. It is an interesting way of communication because Kat and I share conversations with each other while many people listen in and interact with us through social media. It is both a closed and open conversation all at once. The music we share is also a communication. We played songs such as “We are the Champions” by Queen and “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons in celebration of the big Ravens win during Super Bowl forty seven. We had people ask for shout-outs via our show’s facebook page and we discussed super bowl commercials and tv shows we had watched over the past week and the songs and artists we were showcasing. Being a radio DJ is on my my favorite ways to communicate these days. I really enjoy sharing the music I love with people. I feel very lucky to be able to converse with such a large audience.
After we finished pre-recording our show, Kat and I met our friends Nigel and Charmaine for dinner at Iggy’s during which we talked about our days and laughed and enjoyed each others company. We stayed until it was time to walk across campus to the CMC in the student center for the Spectrum meeting. On the walk over, Kat, Charmaine and I shivered from the cold and kept up our pace to say we were cold without speaking it. We all understood that we wanted to get across campus as fast as we could to get back inside a warm building. During the Spectrum meeting the group began by silently watched the music video for “Same Love” by Macklemore and then we discussed it. In addition we finalized plans for Sexual Diversity week that will take place in the spring. Following the Spectrum meeting I began my hour sans technology. Kat walked to her BSA modeling practice while Charmaine and I walked back to Hillside. Once back in Hammerman I felt relieved as I finally had a chance to just sit and be still for a few moments. My entire day, from the time I woke up had been a mad rush. Those are the days that seem to fly by, but I always feel accomplished at the end. Charmaine and I both just sat for a few minutes, not speaking, just enjoying the silence and the calmness. After that, we both spoke to each other in a calm regular tone. Considering how often I see Charmaine, it caught my curiosity on how we never seem to run out of things to talk about. I then smiled and thanked Charmaine for being my friend. She smiled back and we hugged. Another form of communication that I favor. Hugs are a way to show you care, no matter if someone needs comfort, wants to share their joy or sadness, a hug is always a good fix, even when things are not broken. For the rest of the hour we lied on my bed together and just cuddled and enjoyed the closeness of our friendship. It was a beautiful way of speaking without words. We both understood that is wasn’t anything more than friendship and it just felt right. Once my hour was over, Kat returned from practice and she jumped on top of us. From then on we returned back to the giggling, goofy girlfriends we are, working on homework together. Once we all decided we were tired, Charmaine hugged us goodnight and went back to Butler. Kat and I spoke of her modeling practice as we washed our faces and prepared to sleep. Just before we were about to fall asleep, laying in bed in the silence and darkness, Kat said, “goodnight best roomie ever,” and I replied back with the same, just as we do every night before falling asleep.
Without communication my days would be bland and boring. I am also very lucky to be good friends with my roommate. Our morning conversations and our nightly debriefings help keep us both sane. Charmaine and Nasarah are to be credited with my sanity as well. The internet and my phone helps me keep in touch with my sister and maintain a certain closeness even while we are nearly 3,500 miles apart. It also helps me stay close with my parents and friends from back home. Considering how much I like to talk, I do not know what I would do without the ability to communicate.

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