Wednesday, February 6, 2013

iExamen 1 TVS

My day starts off with me communicating not through words, because I do not really talk with my roommates, but through my wardrobe.  I like to present myself with dignity in my appearance through actually getting washed, a shocker for some individuals my age, wearing collared shirt, and pressed pants because even if others do not notice these things, I do.  Along the lines of metaphysical communication I like to stand/sit up straight, though I am human so slouching occurs from time to time.  Finally, I am easily read in that I wear my heart on my sleeve, and face for that manner.  That is to say I am animated in my emotions as shown through my face.  These two formats are the best for communicating raw emotion and thus how you want people to communicate physically with you.  This is to say that if I were to wear a shirt without a collar during the day time then it would mean I am feeling crappy and might not want to talk, or if latter in the day that I want to talk more casually.  Next my first physical communication of the day commences a class discussion.  I notice that I speak with confidence even when I am not completely sure I am correct.  It seems that it sounds more accurate when I speak with confidence even if I am not sure if what I speak is the truth.  This is further confirmed later in the day when I am debating with one of my friends.  Even though I was not 100 percent sure what I was saying was accurate, I was believable because I sounded confident in my beliefs and was not completely inept.  I also notice that my friends and I communicate through petty jabs here and there with significant conversations occasionally.  I believe that this physical face-to-face type communication is best for communicating ideas and releasing stress for me.  As for communication through technology, I do not really use technology when I period, and especially not when I am around people, specifically friends.  Because of this I, in turn, study how my friends act while they are using technology, which is something I have done from time-to-time since some of them are addicted.  It seems that I am outside of some loop while they are talking to each other asking for things on their Facebook games like Farmville.  It definitely isolates me and it is disheartening to a degree, but thankfully one of my friends is a pure hearted scholar like me and we engage in discussions about the lecture we just attended.  The rare times when they are not using technology we can talk, but even then they are usually attached at the thumbs with their phones.  This examination of how I communicate and how people communicate with me revealed some things and confirmed others.  How I communicate did not surprise me as I always knew how I communicate and I am proud of it.  What bummed me out was how much more isolated I felt when observing them opposed to how I normally feel even though I was always aware of the isolation. 

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