Wednesday, February 6, 2013

iExamen #1

Stephen Sharpe
Dr. Ellis
I woke up Wednesday morning with completely new eyes. For a whole day, I thoroughly examined others and myself in the way we communicate. My first discovery was that I talk to people I love differently than people I am acquainted with. When I woke up in the morning, I began asking my twin brother questions about the upcoming day without looking at him in the eye or clearing my throat. I noticed that I felt so comfortable around my brother that I did not feel any pressure to make myself more presentable or likeable. We both knew we loved each other already as brothers.
That day I also had a Spanish exam to take. As I walked to class I became anxious. I realized that my anxiety changed the way I walked to class. My hands went into my coat pockets, my shoulders were slightly raised, and I walked at a fast pace. After the exam my anxiety lessened, and I found that my arms hung freely and my pace relaxed. Noticing the variations of my gait also allowed me to discover that every person has their own method of walking as well. Some people communicate a relaxed and carefree personality through their gait, and others communicate a shy and reserved personality through their gait.
            I also began to notice new things about myself when I unplugged myself from electronics for an hour. I realized how much I pretend to check my phone when I am in an uncomfortable social situation. This habit probably hinders social development. I also realized how much more work I get done without my laptop. In the one hour I unplugged from all electronics, I accomplished almost all of my bookwork. I discovered that I actually waste a lot of time on the computer, and that I need to either focus more on my work in the future or use my laptop less.
            I did not know what to expect before I began the iExamen. I was worried that I would not know what to look for. But throughout the course of the day, the smallest things began to reveal themselves to me. I noticed I was communicating not only in my words, but also in the smallest gestures and inflections of my voice. I noticed that I would make small laughs when talking to people, even when they are not joking about anything. I realized this habit might communicate something negative. So now, I am now constantly doing the iExamen and making sure that my communication with others is clear. 

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