Thursday, February 28, 2013

Your Moment

“Everyone has a moment in life, don’t you dare miss yours.” –Randall Pinkett

            Mr. Randall Pinkett and his presentation for Black History Month motivated me more then he probably himself even knew. He emphasized the fact that every individual living on earth has an opportunity for something. Weather that specific individual takes the initiative to achieve this opportunity is on him or her. This talk with Mr. Pinkett was easy to relate to my readings of Frankenstein by Shelley, “Theology” by Paul Lawrence and “Tableau” Dunbar Countee Cullen was easy.
            Starting with the novel Frankenstein. Frankenstein is the narrator and creator of this so-called “monster” in the book. The monster becomes new to society and isn’t sure of the things around him. He scares most around him because of his appearance, but in reality doesn’t mean any harm. Although the “monster” was just created he still has a place in society too. He, just like the rest of us, has the opportunity to become something. The world around him didn’t give him the chance to become something of himself though. Of course the “monster” got discouraged by all the negativity of the people and later started to rebel with bad actions. I could relate to his feelings. When things seem to start to get out of line around me, I get frustrated. I tend to want to give up. This all changed after talking with Mr. Pinkett. He reminded me that the road will not always be easy, but the end of the road is always worth it.
            Next, I thought about when I was a child. I had no worries, stress or doubts. Sometimes wishing I could go back to that time, Mr. Pinkett helped me realize something else. If it weren’t for time moving forward, nothing would be possible. So although my childhood days are what I miss, in order to achieve my goals I must grow older. Just like the kids in the poem “Tableau,” who are still young and have not a care in the world. They are oblivious to the ones around them and never once worry about time. To them they have all the time in the world.
            But then we have those who grow older and believe time is running out. They believe their time has passed and there is nothing left in the world for them. These people are usually the ones that are filled with negative thoughts. The only things they ever say are negative to the ones around them. Just like the speaker in “Theology.” I believe this speaker didn’t like the world around him. He basically mentioned that he is better then the rest and that he was the only one going to heaven. Why live your life like that?
            Everyone takes their own length of time to realize who they are. They must come across obstacles and challenges that won’t make things easy. It’s all apart of the life we live. But, if we’re not careful we might miss ours. Our “moment” might leave us behind and never come back or it might try again just because it’s meant to be. We will never know. But, what we do know is that life is an ongoing process that waits for no one. And like Mr. Pinkett said, “Keep up or get left behind.” 

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