Thursday, February 7, 2013

iExamen #1

After completing this activity, I quickly noticed that I really enjoyed taking this time to myself to really reflect on myself and how I put myself out there for others to see. I feel like by doing this exercise, I realized that there are two sides of each person: the side that they show to the world and then the side that they are when no one is necessarily around to impress. I was able to notice that through paying closer attention than normal to everyone's day-to-day interactions, some (especially the classic squealing "OH MY GOD I MISSED YOU SO MUCH" girls) tend to be much more animated around a big crowd rather than when they are walking across campus while on the phone or with just one friend with them. As I noticed this, I started to question if I did the same type of thing. 
I realized that I try very hard to let the "real" me come through when I'm around others. I don't exactly worry about what other people think of me so I dress and do my hair and makeup the way I want every day- I'm a very girly girl. I also love to smile because I feel that the more positive energy that you give out in the world, the more you receive. It's the best feeling when you pass a stranger on campus and smile at them and they smile back… it reminds you that we are all one in the world. I realized that I try very hard to come off as approachable when I communicate with others, even when I text I send bunches of smiley faces!
I noticed that face-to-face is by far my favorite type of communication, because when I was without any technology I just went over to my friend's dorm and was perfectly content just talking to her. All in all, by doing this iExamen I was not only able to learn more about the way I show myself to others, but I also learned more about the different ways that others communicate with each other. 

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