Wednesday, March 13, 2013

iExamen 2 Kyle Howard

Kyle Howard
Dr. Ellis
iExamen 2

iExamen 2
                In all honesty, I was extremely skeptical entering this assignment. I thought it was quite a difficult task to not say anything mean or false or unkind throughout the course of a day. I chose to do this assignment when I was home on break and I felt that it would give me some interesting results because I would be talking to my family. I did tell my family about the assignment and they did find it rather odd but embraced it and helped me wonderfully. The first hours in the morning were difficult but I did feel that having my family around made it easier. I guess it seemed easier because my friends would have probably gossiped about what was happening at their colleges and what not and that would have been harder to be useful. I assumed that it would be difficult to be truly nice to my brothers all day and it was. Just the way brothers act to each other is a special, and sometimes mean, bond but I liked that the assignment wasn’t easy. Having my brothers tease me and joke around with me all day made it much harder but it also made it quite comical. I couldn’t help but notice how often I needed to just laugh things off instead of joking back. I also thought it was funny that I kept my control all day and I am the youngest of three brothers. (I guess it’s funny and a little sad). Overall this assignment made me realize that people are naturally a little mean every once in a while and also that people gossip about others extremely often. I am glad that I had the opportunity to take part in this assignment because since I observed myself I have definitely been a nicer person to others and I really do view myself as being more useful to others. On a final note, I now believe that the harder one works to be nicer the more they notice the little mean things that most people do on an everyday basis. 

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