Wednesday, March 13, 2013

iExamen 2

It was the second day of spring break and I had no intentions to even think about schoolwork. I was home relaxing in the sun dreaming about only spending my days on the beach. This meant freeing my mind from all those mid terms I just had taken less than 48 hours ago. But, really and truly my mind never wanders away from school unless it’s summer. I am always thinking ahead on assignments and I did just this on Monday, March 4, 2013.
I woke up Monday morning with the idea to plan my whole day around kind thoughts, words and actions. Before even getting out of my bed that day, I had started off on the right foot. I simply picked up my phone from the dresser and sent out a text that stated “Good Morning! Have a wonderful day.” This message was sent to the most important people in my life. My parents, brother, close family members and of course my best friend. I sent it to my parents who I would end up seeing later that day just because I knew how much it would mean. The responses I got back made me think that I should do this more often. “Thanks for making my day Lauren,” my aunt replied back. “Love and miss you lots,” my brother answered right away. After getting such amazing responses I knew my day was about to go just as planned, extraordinary.  
I continued my day with a smile on my face. Got up, got dressed and hopped in my car. I took a visit over to my grandparents’ house. Two very important people in my life that I knew didn’t know how to text. Therefore, I had to give them a personal visit. I sat at the kitchen table and talked and talked to my grandmother for hours. We talked straight into lunchtime and I begged for some home cooked chicken. Giving into my plea, of course she said yes. While my grandmother started to pull out all the necessary items, I decided to role reverse this situation. I told my grandmother to have a seat right next to the kitchen and just tell me everything to do. This way, I was making lunch for her and my grandfather while they relaxed. Surprisingly, my chicken was delicious. The three of us enjoyed a nice lunch while spending quality time together. 
Lastly, I decided to visit my high school before the day was over. I wanted to see the friends I left behind and teachers too. I went from classroom to classroom saying hi to everyone I knew. Finally I reached to the senior homeroom. These were the students I were the closet too. They were the closets to my age and I had played sports with most of them last year. They informed me on all the latest news and things I’ve been missing. And although I knew college wasn’t something they wanted to talk about, I had to ask anyways. I shared my thoughts on schools and gave some advice on personal essays. The conversation went a lot further then I thought it would. The seniors had so many questions for me and I was more than happy to answer them.
After a very productive day in my hometown, I was proud of myself. I felt better as a granddaughter, friend and even a person as a whole. I had done things I had never done in my life and in less than 8 hours I felt a change. A change in myself that I knew would better me in the future. From that day on I found myself going out of my way to make others smile without even trying. It was like it came naturally. 

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