Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mangione iExamen 2

iExamen 2
            My first thoughts going into this second iExamen concerned the simplicity and undemanding nature of the assignment.  I assumed I would not need to think much about changing the way I carry myself throughout the day by my actions and words towards others, but boy was I wrong. 
I consider myself an easy guy to get along with.  For the most part, I’m pretty straightforward and easy to talk to; my actions are generally kind and I act in the interests of others.  For example, I like to give advice to people when they’re in need of it and I easily recognize when someone is having a bad day, so I’ll acknowledge it and hopes of comforting them.  I throw out “please” and “thank you” to almost everyone I encounter, in the attempt of demonstrating the few facts of courtesy and politeness I earned from my parents.  I am also the type of person who always looks behind me when reaching a door so I can hold it open for anyone who might be following close behind.  It was for these reasons that I thought the traits of doing what is only kind and useful would prove easy during the span of this assignment.  However, the act of doing what is only true proved to be the challenge during the day.
Throughout the day, when in communication with a friend by computer, phone, or face-to-face, I found my joking humor to be the hardest part of being honest with someone.  I often found myself conversing normally with my friends when I’ll say something ridiculous to make a good story or to joke around.  But in the middle of joking around, I would stop myself in the middle of the joke and delay the large period of time I usually take to carry out my jokes.  My intent sometimes is to frustrate my friends with the bizarre and spontaneous things I say in hopes of originating the idea that they could have used their time more productively – but I do it in a way where it was entertaining and comical.  Catching myself from falling into these drawn-out fibs caught most of the improvement I needed to make to complete the assignment.
I realized during this iExamen I could still maintain my witty personality, even if this means revealing the truth on a small subject quicker rather than stretching the truth to make the story more droll.  In this sense, both my friend and me would benefit by making talk less complicated and by saving our times from long needless conversation. 
The odd part of the assignment with all this in mind though was the slight alter in personality this made me confront.  I found my conservations becoming briefer while trying to do things of kindness and honesty.  I would try to cease with people’s demands more readily than trying to argue in an attempt to save my own time on a pointless favor.  In this fashion I believe I found myself acting with too much properness, as if it almost appeared that my sincerity was false, but this was never the case. 
I’m certain this assignment will have a lasting effect on the way I carry myself in the future.  It’s not that I found my humor unnecessary and in need of change, but I decided I could display my humor to a less extent so it doesn’t get too excessive, an easy act I find myself doing.  This day proved to be insightful for me and the people I conversed with; for instance, when I relayed the assignment I was engaging in to a few of my friends.  They initially believed it was a strange assignment to receive, since doing kind, useful, and true things seem part of everyone’s nature, yet when closely followed, are more difficult than you could imagine. 

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