Wednesday, March 13, 2013

iExamen 2

If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say, 
Don’t Say Anything At All

     The objective of this iExamen was to only say things that were kind, useful and true for an entire day.  Throughout this exercise it was easy to determine which people in my life were sincere and good, or mean and rude.  It was reassuring that to realize that my true friends were sincere people that choose to be kind, useful and true.  Personally, people think I am 'sassy' which literally means lively, bold and full of spirit but sometimes it comes off as a little harsh. 

     My family means a lot to mean and my whole family is what people call 'sassy' with our quick quips at each other.  They are all in good nature but without knowing us personally, a stranger could think we were mean to each other.  This attitude and sense of humor carries over to my own personality so people who do not know me could think I was being rude when I make a joke.  My friends and people that understand my sense of humor realize that I am not being harsh, mean or rude because I do not mean anything bad in what I say. Focusing on what I say I had to reconsider what I said because it may not have been true or useful.  I make a lot of jokes that are extraneously and obviously not true and the only reason they are said are for a laugh.  So my jokes fail two of the three requirements and I was not my usual joking self that day. My personality may be off-putting to some people but I believe that is why and how people make the connections they do.  I would not change a thing about myself or my friends because we are all true to ourselves and others.  

     When I was asked to monitor what I said to others, I could not help but to also notice what other people were saying.  While in conversations I picked up on whether people would focus on the positive or the negative.  It was mostly the people that I would consider acquaintances instead of friends who were the most negative.  This gave me the opportunity to reevaluate who I wanted to be friends with.   Negative people can simply bring down your day and attitude towards life.  Surrounding yourself with positive attitudes and outlooks on life can rub off on you until you, yourself have a positive attitude and outlook on life.  

     This iExamen taught me a lot about nasty, rude and mean does not make you any happier than you were before.  Luckily I did not notice much change between my friends and myself, other than my jokes, but it taught me that only happy people can keep you happy.  My parents always taught me when I was little that, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” My jokes may not be truthful or useful but I know they are not mean. Sticking to this motto can not only make me happy but also the people around me. 

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