Thursday, March 14, 2013

iExamen 2

Adriana Vicario
iExamen 2
14 March 2013
This past Monday I began my iExamen assignment of consciously being kind, useful, and true with my words. Committing to this obligation had changed the way I communicated and interacted with others. It was a rewarding feeling to have completed this task because the feedback I received throughout the day was extremely satisfactory.
Daily phone calls with my mom usually start and end with the same dialogue. It initiates with my mom incessantly asking me how my day was, if I had a lot of work, or if I was eating regularly. Normally I would respond with curt answers due to my eagerness to end the phone call. I never thought about how really engaging in conversation for at least two more minutes could certainly brighten up her day. This past phone call I decided to speak what I felt was kind, useful, and true. I began to ask my mom how her day was and let her know that I do at times miss her when I am away at school. I even suggested writing letters weekly to let one another know what new things are happening in our lives. I felt a stronger connection to my mother because of this and believe that if I choose to continue this positive form of expression I could certainly better other relationships in my life.
I have noticed for a few weeks that my suitemate has not been the normal cheerful self she always is. Typically I will give her the space she needs to allow her to recover from whatever it is that is bothering her. Presented with this iExamen activity I thought it would be an opportune moment to try and examine what it was that was so troublesome in her life. To the best that I could I offered to listen to what she had to say and support her in her troubled time. I thought it was wise to give her honest advice of how I would go about addressing her situation. It was a satisfying feeling to know that me being so helpful to her really made my suitemate happy. Her problem was not resolved in that moment but she told me how much she appreciated my concern and useful advice.
I did not realize what great of an impact these simple doings can have on other people. I valued the kind, truthful, and useful person I was because it showed me what a positive enforcement I can be in another person’s life. I will definitely strive to continue this task in using these gestures when approaching others.

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