Wednesday, March 13, 2013

iExamen 2

Katerina Pappas
English 101.17
March 14, 2012

Self Observation

            After today’s observation on meeting all three conditions of kind, useful, and true I realized I usually am like this most of the time. I went over my Facebook and it was not any different to the way I speak. My Facebook consists of true quotes that apply to my life. I did not have to communicate any different in order to be true. I did however make myself say useful things in class for participation, which I usually do not do because I am very shy. At work however I was useful in suggesting ideas of how to better organize the work place and helped set up the Skype sessions. I provided useful directions for the students to follow during the sessions. Being kind is a normal part of my communication it is no different to any other day. I am always kind to people whether I want to or not. However if it is someone who I do not like as much or a person who insults me I am not usually a kind person anymore. As I thought about this I realized it takes strength to be able to go on with your day and be kind even if you are in a bad mood. Today I did go out of my way to compliment my staff members’ hair or clothing.
            When I was about to start the project I did not know exactly how well this was going to go. I saw that I am always true and I never lie about almost anything. I also saw how my mood affects the way I act towards others, and how when I am in a bad mood I have a tendency to push others away. This day that I had to be kind, it did not cost me much but I was not in the best mood. I saw that saying useful things is just part of interacting with what you are involved in or doing what you have to do to keep your participation grade higher. The useful part is a bit harder for me because I am a more reserved person.
            After observing my whole day I saw how busy I am all day and how late I have been sleeping to do homework. I believe not getting enough sleeps also effected my mood for the day. 

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