Wednesday, March 13, 2013

iexamen 2

Matt Wiegartner
iExamen 2
            As with the first iExamen, this activity really made me think about how I communicate with those around me.  I did this activity on Sunday, the day I was coming back to school from spring break.  This activity—only saying things that are kind, useful, and true—would be very challenging today because my mom gets very stressed out over many things, and I knew it would be tough to deal with her on this day in particular.
              That morning my family went to church very early.  I had been up late the night before, so I was very tired most of the day.  This created somewhat of a problem when we were getting ready to leave, as I was moving a bit slower than the rest of my family.  My parents were ready to start an argument with me that I normally would have fought back at, but I just avoided confrontation, and asked if they needed any help with anything.
            I soon left with my mom to drive down to school, and I explicitly told her that I didn’t want to sleep in the car, as I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep that night.  Sure enough though, I was tired from getting up early, and was drifting to sleep.  My mom decided to wake me up, which annoyed me, but instead of snapping at her, I thought before I spoke, and responded kindly.
            The main thing I realized in this activity is that I tend to react and speak before I think.  I definitely think I need to do this more often, especially at home.  It will definitely help me communicate with others better than I do currently.  

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