Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I truly try to be a kind girl in everything that I do in life, so when I read about this assignment I didn't think that it would be too difficult at all. The sad thing is, about like a couple minutes after I woke up, I realized how much of a struggle it could turn out to be. Not only was I able to reflect deeper on the way that I react to certain situations and how I communicate with others, I was also able to reflect about the way that our society interacts with one another… and how ridiculous it is. 
Like I said before, I like to think that I am a very kind individual. With that being said though, I don't hold back with anything, especially if someone says or does something that I find rude or disrespectful. I'm the first to stick up for myself or for anyone else and I'm pretty loudmouthed, so anyone that's rude to me or to the people around me, whether I know them or not, will be getting a mouthful…so I guess all in all you could say that I'm a little sassy!
During the average day of classes at Loyola, what really gets me heated is the whole day-to-day "holding open the door for the person behind you" gesture. This shouldn't even be a suggested thing, it should be considered necessary; it's just common courtesy. Honestly, when you walk into a building and there are clearly like fifty million students behind you, why wouldn't you feel the need to hold that door open for the two and a half seconds that it takes to hold it until the person standing right behind you grabs it for the person behind them? Unless both of your hands just simultaneously broke or something and you are completely incapable of holding open a door for two seconds, there is no reason not to. I mean, who likes to have a door slammed in your face when there are all these people behind you? That's just awkward, and not only do you feel so uncomfortable because the door just slammed in your face and all those people behind you saw it and are totally judging you now, all those people behind you are uncomfortably close and pushed up against you because the closed door is now blocking the only way in the building and now everyone is another second closer to being late to class. And you know what? That person that didn't hold the door open for you looks like a huge jerk now.
The reason for my rant is the fact that during the day where I had to make sure that everything I said was kind, useful, and true, this happened to me. Usually I would be sarcastic and say something like, "Oh no, it's fine, I like having doors slammed in my face!" without even thinking, but I had to hold my tongue on that one and it was pretty hard for me to do. Throughout the rest of the day, I noticed that I tend to be pretty sarcastic with my humor and I honestly didn't even think that it was that bad until I had to take a step back and reel my nonsense in a bit. The other thing I did notice is how ridiculous our society is; especially how people can be so rude. Going back to the whole opening the door thing, in my head I was basically screaming, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME.", but then I remembered that everyone comes from a different walk of life and that maybe the rudeness comes from a more deep-seated issue. Basically, I have plenty of opportunities to call people out on their insane behavior on a day to day basis and that disappoints me. 
This activity made me take a good look at myself and how I might come off to some people when someone else does something dumb to set me off. Being kind is not something that is hard for me to be, but it is challenging when you are surrounded by people that do not value kindness like you and your family do. 

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