Wednesday, March 13, 2013

iExamen 2

Going into this iExamen I thought it was going to be a very simple task and I did not think I was going to make any big observations about my ways of communicating during the length of the day. I have always seen myself as a very kind person and for the most part I try to be kind to everyone, even strangers. What made me realize how challenging this iExamen was going to be was the situation I am going through in my life at the moment. I was lucky, or unlucky, depending which way you look at it to be going through some tough times with friends at the time that I did my iExamen and because of this I definitely saw how my communication differed compared to a normal day.

Recently, in my group of friends from home, we had an incident that has affected all of us greatly. It has become a big mess and now certain people are mad at others and I personally do not know where I stand with one of my best friends. Usually we are inseparable and even being at different colleges we would still talk everyday but now things have changed. The anger I had towards her had changed the way I communicated with her. For the past few days we had been saying some nasty things towards each other. Thankfully, I had the iExamen! For this day I made sure I said only things that would actually help our friendship and not hinder it. I had to put my anger aside and remember that she has been my best friend for twelve years and I needed to do what I can to fix our problems. It was tough because I was still upset and of course when you’re mad the first thing that comes to mind isn’t saying what is kind, useful, and true, for the most part it is usually the exact opposite. Fortunately, I was able to make it through the day and it actually helped us resolve many of our issues!

Aside from the change in communication to my best friend, I noticed that for the most part I did not have to change much about how I communicated with others. I have always figured that if I was kind to others, they would do the same in return. Something I did notice though, was how much “please” and “thank you” are used around the Loyola campus. Since beginning here in September I’ve realized that everyone always holds the door for others and in general everyone seems to be very kind to strangers. It almost seems as though once you become a student here, being kind to others around campus is like an instinct. I never once had to think twice about saying “please” or “thank you” to anyone and that just goes to show how welcoming our community here at Loyola is.

At the end of the day I was very happy I did this iExamen, not only did I realize something about the school as whole, but I was also able to fix the conflict I was in before the iExamen. I would recommend this iExamen to anyone who is having problems with another person! It was very useful and you can learn a lot about yourself and those surrounding you. 

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