Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jane Austen Event, Tyler Szabo

At the reading marathon, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice was read.  This book is entirely about social norms either being upheld or destroyed in order to find happiness.  This relates to the works we have read because they all involve social norms.   First Practice show the patriarchal norm of society along with the stereotypical macho man.  I look at it as presenting these idealisms of the stereotypical man and that is definitely related to the men in the book and how they make romantic decisions that either uphold or change to outlook of the stereotypical man.  Directions for resisting the SAT seems to revise the idea a success.  This relates in that the book seemed to champion the idea of marrying for love and not for social reasons, this believing success is measured by happiness and not social status.  A Father looks at the social norms, focusing on women, in India.  These two stories have the direct relation of how women are seen in society and what their duties are.  Servin up Hope shows how ever individual can affect their society.  This relates in that the men and women in Pride and Prejudice affect their society through the romantic decisions they make, since many defied social standards.

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