Wednesday, March 13, 2013

iExamen 2 TVS

            I would like to think I am a relatively nice individual, but through this day of observation I did come up with some interesting reactions.  Because, for the stereotypical man, I am very submissive and do much for the females that live in the room I hang out in 24/7.  As a result, to keep what masculinity I have left, which is none, I call them “women” in my best chauvinistic voice, but I decided it was against the rules of this exercise.  Along these same lines, I also say, all in complete jest, comments about their sexual promiscuity, which is also very untrue.  As a result I followed the rules and was nice for once, which led to many questions on their part.  They neither found it a good thing or bad thing, it seemed fake to a degree.  Yes, it is good to be aware of your criticism and how you communicate with others and reflect upon it.  At the same time, people learn from criticism and when you say things as they are.  It does not make you arrogant to point out what you believe needs critique.  The important part about that statement is your opinion.  That said, you should be considerate to know the line between speaking your mind to help both yourself and others and just to put others down.  If this taught me anything is that I, mostly, strike that balance between holding my tongue to the point of being fake and speaking so much as to hurt individuals for the sake of hurting them. 

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