Wednesday, April 10, 2013

4/11 Paragraph

Marina McKeown

The most surprising thing I learned this semester was about myself. I assumed upon entering 101 Understanding Literature that I would finish the semester filled with knowledge of poems and novels, and I will, but I will also leave with a new ability to step outside my boundaries. The weekly events taught me to step outside my boundaries and not to be afraid to explore what the university has to offer. I was surprised to find myself at certain events, and even more so being genuinely interested in the discussion topics. For example one event I attended was about the public transportation of Baltimore and it’s ineffectiveness and future plans for progress. I realized at that event that it is important for myself as a student here in Baltimore to discover what is going on in the city around me. I was also surprised about the independence that the events have taught me, I learned it was okay to leave my usual group of friends and not be hesitant to meditate at Zen or listen to a lecture on Martin Luther King, even if they did not want to attend. The iExamen also showed me a new type of independence that life does not have to revolve around technology. It is okay to turn off the laptop or silence the IPhone and enjoy what is right in front of myself, independent from constant social medias. 

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