Thursday, April 11, 2013


Tommy Ireland

Dr. Ellis

Understanding Literature

11 April 2013

Paragraph About the Class

            The most interesting thing I learned in connection with the class was after doing the iExamen, I became more conscious of what I said to my friends and others.  More specifically, I realized anything slightly mean I said to my friends.  Before I said anything that was a joke that could be viewed as a mean thing to say, I now rethink saying it.  It has made me a more genuine person who says mainly truthful things to my friends that aren’t jokingly mean.  I’m glad I have become conscious of everything I say to my friends and others.  I think others have really noticed because so many people have complimented me saying how much nicer I have gotten.  Not that I was ever mean or anything before hand!  I think people just think I am more genuine now and I am very happy about it.

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