Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Opened Up

It is hard to believe that as soon as May 9th comes around, I will be finishing my first year of college here at Loyola. That means I would’ve completed thirty credits within a certain time frame, September through May to be exact. I would’ve sat through ten classes and listened to ten different teachers day by day. But isn’t it weird that not once have I said a word in any of those classes. Yes I know class participation counts as a percentage of my grade, yet I could not seem to gain the courage to say something out loud. Until spring semester when something made me raise my hand to talk the first day of English class. I opened up. I had no explanation behind why I opened up, I just did. And ever since then I have gradually made more friends, gained more points and understood a lot more than I did before in any of my classes. 

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