Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Interesting Moment in Lit 101...

My most interesting moment, or rather overall observation, is definitely the friendships that can be built around literature. I entered the class friends with Lauren and Mitch, but I didn't know Stephen or Matt to well, and I am leaving with an funny, interesting and smart group of friends that I didn't have before. Through discussing the poems and class reads and sharing our interpretations, whether they were the same or not, we formed a true bond. The first five to ten minutes of our class are always spent sharing funny stories, that we often enjoy sharing with Professor Ellis because her laugh is so contagious. And our interesting "what-if" scenarios we create from the poems and readings are always sure to bring a laugh. I have also formed friendships with student who sit across the room from me. Through Literature 101, I have gained many new friends and a better understanding of Loyola and the presence of the Class of 2016 around campus. It is really quite awesome.

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