Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Most interesting/surprising thing I learned- Stephen Sharpe

The greatest thing I took from this class is a deeper appreciation for the Jesuit call to be the best version of yourself. Through examining various poems, I realized that you don't have to be afraid to fall and make mistakes. Just spread your wings and let God do the rest. I learned to look at life more optimistically and to treasure what makes being alive so wonderful and a gift from God. Life is so precious, and the poems we read in class helped me realize how fleeting and extraordinary being alive truly is. When we explored the inevitability of death during class, I realized that my heartbeat is a clock that is ticking down to zero. With each beat my heart makes, I am one moment closer to end of my life. With this realization, it is so much easier to see the good God has wrought in my life, and how life itself is truly an amazing gift.

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