Thursday, April 11, 2013

Immersed in Diversity

This semester I have learned more about myself and about the Loyola community. Coming to Loyola from a small catholic all girls’ high school prevented me from experiencing diversity. I now feel that my high school did not prepare me for the diversity I have experienced this year. My high school was comprised of primarily Caucasian, Irish and Italian girls who grew up together and came from the same town, same parish, and were together from kindergarten and all through high school. I was not exposed to other cultures or lifestyles. Thankfully my family loves to travel and I had the opportunity to travel to Ireland, England, Scotland, Colombia, and Italy and see different parts of the world. Over this past year, and especially this past semester, I have learned more and more about people’s cultures, upbringing, and some different faiths.  I am fascinated by people’s backgrounds and where they come from. This course especially has opened my eyes, through the events, and blog entries. Many of the events helped me to learn more about campus and about Baltimore. I loved the Transportation assignment because I was able to see different neighborhoods and places around Baltimore! I can’t wait to get out and travel around the city more to explores the interesting places! I really appreciated class discussions because I was able to connect my experiences, with others experiences, and to the different literary works in class. I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn more about diversity and be immersed in a different culture and lifestyle at Loyola. 

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