Thursday, April 11, 2013

Best Part of Class

For me, the best part of class is the enlightenment I gain through the analysis of poems. I was never a huge fan of poetry. Originally the poems I read in high school never captured my full attention. Sure I had an appreciation for the poets. Clearly they were brilliant guys and gals who thought about life and expressed it in a way that makes me think about my life. However I never quite progressed further than that. Unfortunately I never committed to the poems and as a result never understood the deeper meaning the poets were attempting to convey. This year has been entirely different. I am reading these poems with a different thought process. I am attempting to see the deeper meaning, not only in the poems, but in my everyday life. Thus far, I have improved relationships with my friends and communication with my family. Asking questions of myself and others has allowed me to understand so much more of the world around me and poetry has taught me how to do this. I am truly grateful for have taken this class.

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