Thursday, April 11, 2013


The most fun thing I've done all semester/year is make new friends.
Sounds cliche, but it truly was. Coming to Loyola (my last choice) was really scary. I was nervous about not fitting in and worried about the amount of work. When I came to summer orientation I cried every night, dreading that I would soon be enrolled in classes and going here. At home I always had a close group of friends and leaving them was so hard. During the rough transition I learned a lot about myself and other people. For the first semester I found myself trying to "find" friends, when I really didn't need to look that far. Lucky for me almost five doors down was the answer to all my problems. I found "The 916 Girls". Each one of them being completely different but some how as a whole they clicked. Soon enough I was another piece of their puzzle and all my insecurities went away. I think its fair to say that without finding my "girls" I would not have stayed another year at Loyola. 

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